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Making life easier... for VC asset managers

Fund Management

We specialize in Venture Capital and offer AIFM and CIS management services. Find out more here!

Fund Administration

We oversee venture capital funds and provide support to investors and fund        managers. Find out more here!

Compliance Consulting

Regulation isn’t dull for us. We offer compliance services for those seeking registration and those already registered with the FCA. Find out more here!


Safeguarding your assets, ensuring they are held securely and accurately accounted for, while also providing reporting to investors and regulatory bodies. Find out more here!

Company Secretarial

Our team of highly qualified Company Secretaries is dedicated to alleviating your regulatory burden, optimizing operations, and safeguarding your esteemed corporate reputation. Find out more here!

Fund Management

Being a manager of alternative investment funds is not as glamorous as it sounds. The most exciting part is deal origination, deal execution, and assisting businesses on their way to a successful exit. This is the part that we let our clients focus on.


Using a third-party fund manager is especially beneficial for those in the early stages of developing a VC business, when there are many other things to focus on.Each client we work with has unique needs and specifications. We always prioritise regulatory and operational aspects of fund management over sourcing or managing individual assets within the fund. That is our clients’ responsibility as asset managers.


Finally, our role is to protect investors by adhering to the FCA’s business principles, which protects our clients. We can, however, assist with fund administration, compliance consulting, and other services. There are other firms that provide third-party fund management for Venture Capital funds, but we like to think we stand out for a few reasons.

Fund Administration

Whether it’s putting together a drawdown notice, calculating carried interest, or closing a fund, our fund administration team has you covered. Kin Group began as a fundraising company, so why provide third-party fund administration? Because good fund administration is part of the fundraising formula. While raising a VC fund is never easy, if you have a reputation for excellent investor services and reporting, it becomes much easier.


Initially, we outsourced all of our fund administration. However, after this experience, we decided to build our own third-party fund administration capability. Our custodian and administration business arose from a frustration that we seemed to care far more about the investor experience than those who were supposed to.


Rather than relying on third-party software providers to provide mission-critical systems, we built and own our own digital infrastructure. This has a number of advantages for our clients. Most importantly, it implies that we are adaptable. Without the constraints of third parties, we can flex our systems to give clients exactly what they want and in a timely manner where there is a sufficient business case.

Compliance Consulting

Regulation is not boring to us. All of our actions and processes are guided by the FCA’s Principles for Business. Operating in a heavily regulated industry, on the other hand, can be confusing, costly, and time consuming for those who are less interested in regulation.


We offer a variety of compliance services to both firms seeking to become regulated and those already registered with the FCA. Being directly FCA regulated is not always the best solution, especially in the early stages of growing a business. A better approach, and one that institutional investors like the British Business Bank seem to like, is to become an Appointed Representative (‘AR’). An AR conducts business under our regulatory ‘umbrella,’ in accordance with the FCA Principles for Business.


Looking to become an Appointed Representative, get directly authorised by the FCA, or believe our compliance consultants can help you stay on track?